Major Benefits of Using Kubernetes That You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what got Kubernetes to go so popular? In this article, we will take a closer look at the details of Kubernetes. For those who are new to this type of setup, learn how I use Kublr for it.

Kubernetes is an open-source application used for scaling, deploying, and managing containerized applications. It is used for handling and scheduling containers on a cluster. It also manages the workloads to make sure that they are functioning as intended. With the help of Kubernetes, you can deploy cloud-based apps anywhere. Not just that, but you can even manage them all at the same time. It also has many other advantages that we are soon going to discuss in this article.

Almost everything in Kubernetes is known to use declarative constructs. This describes how apps are made, how they are managed, and how they interact. This leads to an increase in the portability and operability of modern software.

Benefits of Kubernetes

Kubernetes happens to be one of the fastest-growing projects in the whole history of open-source software. Well, there are obvious reasons why it is so popular. It’s the benefits of using the application that have helped it reached such a position.

Here are some of the main benefits you get from Kubernetes:

1.    Scalability

Kubernetes allows you to run containers on multiple public cloud environments as well as in virtual machines. Not just that, but you can also run containers on bare metal. This means you can deploy it almost anywhere you wish.

Kubernetes have also transformed the way deployments and developments are made. It is because of Kubernetes that teams can scale faster than before. That is why I use Kublr for it–for increased scalability.

2.    Portability

Another important thing about Kubernetes is that it also provides portability. With Kubernetes deployment becoming simple and much faster, companies are taking advantage of more than one cloud provider at a time. Not just that, but it also helps them grow fast without having to re-architect their infrastructure. This is why I use Kublr for it for better portability.

3.    High availability

This open-source application also addresses high availability at the infrastructure and application level. With the addition of reliable storage, the layer ensures that stateful workloads are easily available.

You can also configure the master components of a cluster for multi-node replication. This too leads to higher availability.

4.    Open source

As you already know, Kubernetes is an open-source application. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of using other open-source tools that are designed to work with Kubernetes. It doesn’t require any lock-in of a proprietary system.

For those who do not know Kubernetes was developed by Google. They also use and maintain it. This open-source tool can be trusted, as it is tested and fixed for bugs. Also, new features are released regularly.

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