Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Increase Home Value

If you think that it is time to increase your home value, then the kitchen and bathroom, along with some plumbing renovations like the installation of a concrete water tank are probably the very first things you need to tackle.

The costs of these improvements can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in one go, with most projects you can do by yourself while others should be left to the experts.

  1. A New Kitchen Sink

The trends for kitchen sink change with time. Just a few years ago, farm sinks were the must-have. Nowadays, people like dual sink designs in various colours than stainless steel and traditional white finishes. You can go with the popular colours like dark blues, blacks, dark purples, and deep reds.

  1. Cabinets

You can update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets in so many ways without the need of tearing them down. Sometimes a new coat of paint with all the modern hardware can add new life to your cabinets.

For a spacious and more open look in the kitchen, you can just remove the cabinet doors and exposed the shelving along with your cookware and dishes serving as décor.

  1. Replace The Basin, Fixtures, and Faucets

Just like how kitchen sinks change from time to time, you can also see a variety of modern bathroom basin to replace your outdated sink for a different style.

If you think the basin still looks great, you can simply update it by replacing the faucets and fixtures with the more modern bathroom tapware available in the market today. Check it out at Everhard

  1. Walls and Backsplashes

Rejuvenate your kitchen and bathroom walls with backsplashes. Stick to subway or mosaic tile backsplashes in neutral or white colours since they are popular and rather easy to clean.

Meanwhile, glass is easy to install by yourself that enhances your kitchen. For walls without counter or cabinets, you can easily paint them in welcoming and warm colours.

  1. Go With A Concrete Water Tank

The Australian climate means extreme droughts, making Aussie households prone to water shortages, especially those living in rural and isolated areas. Aussies living in the city can also be affected, even if you’re connected to the municipal city supply.

To solve this problem, most Aussies install a concrete water tank buried underground for water collection. Not only does it safeguard you against future water shortages, but it also adds value to your home, thanks to the reduced water bills and making your home less reliant on local main water supplies.

  1. Bathroom Windows

Although no one wants a bathroom without privacy, natural light is required for these spaces. So, consider installing some solar tubes to bring some natural light while reducing your electricity bill.

You can also use some window treatment that allows light but still provides you privacy. Decorative window film not only provides your bathroom privacy, but they should also decorate your bathroom, adding value to your home.

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