How to Achieve the Perfect Event Lighting

Remember how amazing it felt to walk into a venue that was beautifully lit? Lighting equipment and techniques can transform any place into the perfect venue for a wedding, corporate function, concert, and other celebrations. It’s no wonder event lighting hire Melbourne services are in demand today.

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However, achieving the perfect illumination and effects takes a lot of planning and expertise. Use this list to plan the best lighting for your event.

1. Work with a lighting designer

As previously mentioned, working with lights and knowing how to use them to create the perfect ambiance takes technical knowledge and skill as well as experience. In other words, you need a professional lighting designer, a specialist who plans lighting strategies to produce the best artistic and practical effect.

If you want to work with the best Melbourne event lighting hire designer, get in touch with Pro Light & Sound. You just have to present your vision for the event and venue and they will design and execute your plans.

2. Check venue restrictions and power

Each venue will have different rules on what sort of equipment and decorations you can use, so make sure to know in advance. In addition, you will most likely have to pay charges for using power. The fees sometimes depend on the required lighting gear and equipment so always ask for a quote.

Don’t forget to also consult with your event lighting hire Melbourne company on the amount of power needed to operate the equipment and illumination devices you ordered. Then check with the venue if they can provide the required power.

All these factors can help you decide on the best lighting design plans for your event and budget.

3. Picture out how you want your venue to look and function

Is it indoors or outdoors? If it is outside, will you be using a tent and limit your activities to the insides of the tent? Or will you utilise the whole outdoor area?

Do you want to create an intimate and romantic space, or is a vibrant and festive mood more suitable for your celebration?

Discuss all possible details with your Melbourne event lighting hire supplier so they can identify the design, setup, and equipment needed.

4. Think of safety

See to it that all stairways, dark walkways, uneven surfaces, and other hazardous areas are well lighted or fenced off to avoid accidents. Also, remember that lights require electricity and wiring, so make sure you are using safe and industry-grade products and equipment. Make sure also that all lights, wires, and plugs are safely set up.

5. Don’t forget pictures

People attending events want to get good snaps of the celebration and venue, so providing the perfect lighting for photo ops is a big consideration. A professional event lighting hire Melbourne company will know how to provide adequate illumination for picture taking without compromising your desired overall ambiance.

6. Visit the venue with your lighting designer

It’s best to go there at the time of day when your big celebration is set to happen. This way, you get a more accurate picture of how your lights will look at the actual event. Remember that a certain lighting design might not look as good late in the afternoon indoors in a small function room as it will at night outdoors in a large garden.

Finally, if you want everything to be perfect, work with the best event lighting hire in Melbourne or your locality. It may cost more, but the expertise and skill you get will be worth it. Especially when the success of a big event is at stake.

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