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Top 5 things to do with an Old Amazon Kindle Fire

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Revamp your Old Amazon Kindle Fire! Check out top 5 things to do.
The second generation for Amazon Kindle Fire is already out and you may be planning to picking one for yourself. But hey wait, we do have an old Kindle Fire with us! What do we do with that now? I will show few exciting stuffs to try out in the old device before you make the final switch.

#1 Browse IMDB Application

You get a dedicated IMDB application pre-installed in your old Kindle fire. Search for your favorite actors, movies or TV shows and watch them. Amazon owns IMBD so this will be an amazing app to try out. IMDB Application Kindle Fire

#2 Turn into Digital Cookbook

Amazon has a great collection of recipes both for terrible cooks as well as experts. Turn your old Kindle Fire as your kitchen guide and see the newer shades of your cooking talents.

#3 Use it as Bedroom TV

Use your old Amazon Kindle Fire as your personal Bedroom TV, just put your Headphones on and start watching your favorite movies and shows directly on the device. You can enjoy Netflix, hulu and dozen other movie service apps. Bedroom TV Amazon Kindle Fire

#4 Make your old Amazon Kindle Fire a children Friendly Device

If you have kids at home who love to play with your gadgets, try downloading some of the best apps specially made for them. With Apps like Cut the rope, Marbles & Slides, Green Eggs and Ham your kids will definitely have great time spending on this device. Amazon also has some parental controls settings on the device which will help you restrict what they browse and use on the device. Amazon Kindle Fire Children Apps

#5 Turn old Amazon Kindle Fire into JukeBox

Finally, you can turn your old Amazon Kindle Fire into a JukeBox and play music with lots of apps available for free. You can use Amazon's cloud Player which gives 5GB virtual space to store music and buffer it online. Try these exciting stuffs on your device and give it a last opportunity to entertain you. Get the best out of it and leave us your feedback if these suggestions were valuable to you. Have fun with your old Amazon Kindle Fire!
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