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Top 5 Missing features in iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 is already out and Apple is full with huge numbers of pre-orders. If you haven't ordered one for you then check out the Top 5 missing features which might have made iPhone 5 even better phone to use.

Starting with the number 5

#5 NFC Technology

The Near Field Communication technology is missing from the iPhone 5. NFC allows you to make a payment, share photos or launch an app by placing the phone over a sensor. It is included in Samsung Galaxy S III, the best competitor to iPhone 5. You can even share stuffs by rubbing the phones over each other.

#4 MicroSD Slot

Higher capacity has always been a major problem in Apple iPhone. It has 1080p camera to shoot high definition photos and videos, download full length movies options, listen to music and lots more. These can easy suck all the iPhone space.

#3 Biometric Security

This feature could have really differentiated the iPhone 5 with all other ordinary phones. Instead of swipe to unlock feature they could have used a finger print detector on the screen to unlock the phone. Apple had spent almost $360 million to implement and research on Biometric Security. This was the right product to use it.

#2 Wireless Charging

This feature has become very common among smartphones these days. Companies like HTC and Samsung have already made the best use of this feature and have provided docks and wireless stations to charge the phone. Absence of such feature on an iPhone makes one really upset.

#1 Significantly better battery life!

The iPhone 5 may show a better battery life using some metrics but a 4G phone would require a hell lot of battery to use. We expected the iPhone 5 to perform miraculously better than the previous versions but they have just made only a few up-gradation to the battery life. There were some of the features which should have been there in the iPhone 5. But don't let the negativity to get over you, there are still plenty features available to love about this phone.
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