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Top 10 free games for iPad Mini (2013 edition)

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The 7.9 inch display of iPad Mini with a resolution of 768x1024 is perfect for playing games from the iTunes store and the powerful dual core 1GHz A5 processor is just the right choice for these heavy games. So today weÔÇÖre going to sum up the top 10 free games that you must have on your mini device:

Dead Trigger

Dead-Trigger This shooting game takes you on a ride into a world of zombies. You must have seen movies like zombieland or Resident Evil, but now itÔÇÖs your turn to take the job on your shoulders to clean up the town. With 3D graphics and tensed plot, you canÔÇÖt afford to miss this one. Download Dead Trigger

Pew Pew

PewPew If youÔÇÖre looking for something ÔÇ£out of the boxÔÇØ, Pew Pew is the app for you. Retro vector style graphics and addictive gameplay are the signature features of this shooting game. With five different gaming modes and high frame rate, Pew Pew obviously stands out amongst the crowd. Download Pew Pew

Bub Wider

Bub-Wider Check out the amazing journey of a bubble through different forests collecting popple, nietch, pows, viel and jello but making sure you avoid zanpets. The atmosphere is awesome, graphics are amazing and the fun and adventure it offers is incomparable. Download Bub-Wider

Agent Dash

Agent-Dash ÔÇ£Bond is the bestÔÇØ is the conclusion of every James Bond movie, but when Agent Dash is working on his mission, heÔÇÖs second to none. YouÔÇÖll be using tech gadgets like equip jetpacks, parachutes, etc. and sprinting through different obstacles while spying out your enemies. If youÔÇÖve ever wanted play the role of a detective, this is your golden chance. Download Agent Dash

Real Racing 3

Real-Racing-3 Car racing has always been a popular gaming genre but Real Racing 3 just rolled the right dice to completely change the situation from passionate to extreme. The high definition gaming experience mixed with some suspenseful gameplay where the coin can turn upside down anytime is just breath-taking. It has already topped the charts over 90 countries and still counting. Download Real Racing 3

Death Dome

Death-Dome Try this game where you get a chance to unleash your full power against an enemy that is far stronger than you. You have armour and weapons to protect yourself but skills are developed over the course of the time and if youÔÇÖre a quick learner, youÔÇÖll soon be destroying them all. Download Death Dome

Marvel War of Heroes

marvel-war-of-heroes For true comic fans, this is the moment where you can catch all your heroes in one place. YouÔÇÖll be playing a card battle against others and the better your collection is, the higher are your chances to bag a win. Download Marvel War of Heroes

Angry Birds Space Free

angry_birds_space The game which popped out the culture of mobile gaming to a great height, Angry Birds is back with another nail-biting gaming experience and this time itÔÇÖs Angry Birds Space. With the same addictive gameplay and new boasting graphics and a completely new atmosphere, donÔÇÖt even think to miss this one out. Download?áAngry Birds Space Free

Clash of Clans

clash-of-clans When talking about games, Clash of Clans canÔÇÖt be left. Build up your army and battle against the roaming goblins, keep updating your skills and then join the online battle to fight a real-life battle against real players. Download Clash of Clans

Frisbee Forever

Frisbee-Forever This fast paced game with nice scenic beauty and diversified locations will take over you as soon as you plug it in. There are some nice twists and turns and controlling your Frisbee at such a path isnÔÇÖt an easy task to do. Download Frisbee Forever So here you have the top apps available for your iPad Mini for free. You can also check out Top 10 must have free iPad Mini apps in 2013.
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