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Lost Your Android Phone?

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As?á it oftenly happens, Imagine?á You are in a meeting at your ?áworkplace. And being a nice guy you put your phone on silent. But later the same evening you donÔÇÖt remember the whereabout of your cell.?áYou might have some personal data on your phone that you do not want a thief to see. Maybe you have some business related mails, or maybe you just do not want anyone to read your private ?áe-mail.?áDonÔÇÖt?á worry! Read this article to know how to track back your Android Phone. ÔÇÿANDROID LOSTÔÇÖ ?áis an android app, by?á Theis?á Borg ?áwhich helps you locate your Android powered Phone when it gets missing. Remote control your phone by ?ájust ?átexting ?áa custom attention message and the app turns?á the ringer volume up and makes your phone ring. It is also possible to get?á the precise GPS location of?á your phone. Simply text your attention word from any other ?ácell phone or?á from the web to your own "lost" phone. The passcode feature is there?á which will not allow others to uninstall the app?á without ?áprior Notification to the Owner. FOLLOWING FEATURES CAN BE CONTROLLED BY THE ATTENTION MESSAGE -
  1. Delete information in the SD card.
  2. Gives you the current status of battery and IMEI number.
  3. Call forwarding.
  4. Take picture of the user from the front camera.
  5. Read your smsÔÇÖs and sends them to your E-mail.
Current version used as on 10th October is 2.7,requires android 2.2 and up.The average rating of this app is 4.6 . You can get this app free of cost in the ANDROID MARKET and follow the installation procedure provided thereof. For more information on Android Section ,be in touch with us. I will be happy to hear from you, do give your comments. BE GADGETIC?á, STAY AHEAD?á!  
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