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Best Android Tablets available in India in 2013

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The first mobile phones that came to India and the ones currently used by the urban population differ about as much as cats and dogs. The clunky and chunky old phones carried only by the rich elite are in no way comparable to the sleek powerful smartphones we see every other person utilize today. Thus, India has greatly developed over the years, particularly in the last decade and has grown to become a significant market for the western countries! Not only do we utilize the products, many of our technicians and engineers are involved with companies such as Google and Apple. Therefore, when the Android OS hit the market and blew its flailing competitors out of the water, its effects were seen and continue to be seen in India too. We see magical Android devices being launched in our country on a monthly basis. Read on to know some of the best Android Tablets Available In India in 2013:

Samsung Galaxy Note 800


The popularity of the Galaxy Series in India is unparalleled in the true sense of the word. Where else can you get a series of phones that range from a studentÔÇÖs pocket money of Rs.7000 (Galaxy Y, Galaxy Pocket) to a cool Rs. 39,000 (Galaxy S range phones)! The specs on this tablet are good enough to procure a mighty WOW! from the user. The tablet runs on a 1.4Ghz quad core processor, which puts to shame a F1 Race Car Engine! The HUGE 10 inch Display paves the way for HD gaming as well as movies and breathes life into the whole experience. At Rs. 35,990 the tablet is worth its value with features such as a 5MP front facing camera with LED Flash etc.

Asus Nexus 7


The Asus Nexus 7 is a tablet that well has the potential to take over the market and rule it for a long long period. It runs on the 4.1 Version of Android, that is, Jelly Bean and comes complete with features such as NFC and Retina Display. It is also nicknamed the iPad Mini killer because of its perfect 7 inch display which helps you hold it easily as well as makes web browsing and other utilities a pleasure. It is available in 8 GB/16 GB/32 GB versions. The 1 GB Ram greatly assists in multiple app support. The cherry on the top is that it starts from Rs. 16,000! Nexus 7 has won numerous tablet of the year awards and is pretty likely to make it into the tab of the decade nominations!

Asus Memo Pad


Like the Nexus 7, the Memo Pad comes inbuilt with an Android Jelly Bean OS. However, it lacks some of the crucial features such as the beautiful retina display that makes Nexus 7 a catch! Nevertheless, the Asus Memo Pad has a 7 inch display that looks good enough for some gameplay as well as movies. The processor here is excellent for its price and the Memo Pad comes inbuilt with ASUS applications. At merely Rs. 10,000 , you just cant go wrong with the Asus Memo Pad!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung-tab-2Samsung Galaxy?áTab 2 is an amazing tablet with one of the best screen in the Android market. The Super AMOLED screen is multi touch and is perfect for movies, videos as well as games. The processor is clocked at a mighty 1.6 Ghz with dual cores. It is available in 16/32/64 GB variants and has 64 GB expandable memory. The primary and secondary both look amazing with the primary camera being an absolute delight to use! Available at Rs. 9999 (wifi only model).

And there, you are now aware of some of the best tablets available in India in 2013. The list given here includes high-end, medium as well as economy tablets. There are more tablets out there who didnt make the article due to a whisker?á but are totally worth a shot. So spread your wings and explore the amazing world of Android tablets, one filled with mystery and marvel at every corner!

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