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Beautify Your Browsing With Themes

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For most of the average PC users, browsing occupies a significant portion of their time behind a screen. They might be working or watching videos or just browsing. But more often that not, the plain interfaces of the browsers do little to cheer up the user. The simplistic white of Chrome or the Windows-based theme of Firefox, both are bland and boring.

So we will show you how you can make browsing a little more colourful as well as cheerful.

Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome (like most of us are) you can follow these steps.

1.Go to the settings page from your wrench menu

2. Select 'Get More Themes'

3. Select a theme from the themes available in Chrome Web Store.

4. Click on 'Add' when a dialog box appears asking for your confirmation to add that theme. After the theme is downloaded, it will be automatically applied.

5. Enjoy your new theme. If it looks boring or too loud, repeat the steps.

Alternatively you can go to directly and look in the themes section. There is always a shortcut to the store in the new tab page.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox users can go here-

1. The themes in Firefox are called Personas. You can choose from about 30,000 personas available here.

2. Just go to the above link in your firefox browser and select a persona. As soon as you hover on a persona sample, your browser will change to the new persona to show a preview. If you like it, go the persona page and add it to Firefox.


Opera users too have plenty of themes to choose from. They can follow these steps-

1. Click on the Opera button on the left-top of the browser and select Appearance from the drop-down menu.

2. Select the 'Get more Skins' radio button. You will get a list of themes to choose from. Select a theme and download. It will be downloaded in the browser itself.

Update: Opera 12 uses its add-ons store for themes. The store is very similar to that in Firefox. So you can go about adding a theme to Opera just like in Firefox.  The themes page is here.


Internet Explorer does not have a themes or options for themes as such. You can use Windows themes to modify Internet Explorer. But then, no one use Internet Explorer seriously. So, it is not a big deal.


Safari, like Internet Explorer does not support themes by itself. However, users can use the 'SafariStand' and 'SafariMasks' extensions to apply themes on the browser.

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